Montessori Preschool Enrollment Salt Lake City, UT

Help Your Child Excel With The Montessori Preschool Salt Lake City Curriculum

For over 38 years Montessori Preschool Salt Lake City has been helping children develop new skills and succeed in life. If you want to give your child an extra hand then this school may be just the thing you have been looking for.

Child learning at Montessori Preschool Salt Lake City, Utah, enrollment is currently open.For over 38 years the Montessori Preschool in Salt Lake City has been in operation. The school is focused on children between the ages of 20 months up to eight years. The preschool has been a success due to using a different approach to help children learn and succeed. This approach was first developed by Dr. Maria Montessori back in the early 1900s.

The main areas of learning focused on at this preschool are maths, reading, spelling, social studies, science and their homework. The preschool offers a variety of different options including private tutoring, before and after school care and day classes.

Differing from traditional learning styles this Salt Lake City preschool allows the student a sense of freedom to learn and grow.

A child is allowed to work on what they decide for as long as choose, talk to whoever they wish when they wish. Children are put into mixed age classes as this helps them to develop interpersonal skills while helping each other teach and learn. Children are also encouraged to learn from their own mistakes and make self corrections. All activities and materials at the school are designed to assist children to learn.

The tutors, although unobtrusive to the students learning, are dedicated and caring and help enforce learning in a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere. They are passionate about children.

The curriculum and materials provided to students in the class are all aimed at improving and developing learning skills. There are even low shelves providing easy access to preschool games and activities for the children.  Preschool lesson plans and a professional curriculum have been well established and have shown high success rates with children.

Day classes at the Salt lake City Preschool in Utah can be taken on either a half day or full day basis at four to five times per week. Half day morning classes begin at 8:30am and run until 11:30am while the afternoon class starts at 12:30pm and runs until 3:30pm. These classes have materials designed to engage children and encourage them to be interactive. There is also an option for extended care hours which start as early as 7:00am and end as late as 6:00pm.

If you desire extra tutoring hours for your child there are time slot available starting at 3:30pm. For these classes there will be an initial assessment to determine the child’s current level. After that an individual preschool curriculum will be designed to best aid the child in learning. These tutoring hours are aimed at providing extra help in reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. Tutors use approved Montessori materials. Through classes and tutoring hours a child has a unique opportunity to improve many learning and life skills which will be reinforced as the child grows.

With the tried and true learning approach used at the Montessori Preschool Salt Lake City you will be giving you child every possible chance to have a long and successful future.

Let Your Child Excel at Montessori Preschool Salt Lake City (SLC) Utah.

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