Montessori School Program Salt Lake City

Let Your Child Thrive with the Montessori School Program Salt Lake City

Give Your Child Every Opportunity To Succeed With Our Montessori School Program in Salt Lake City!
If you have ever thought that there might be more you can do for you young child’s future then the Montessori School Program should be considered. Through this program children are given every advantage possible to grow and develop learning skills which will create the basis for a bright future.

Let Your Child Thrive with the Montessori School Program Salt Lake CityFor over three decades the Montessori School Program Salt Lake City has been helping children build a strong foundation for success. The Montessori school is primarily focused on children between the ages of 20 months up to eight years. Through using a different learning based approach the Montessori School Program many children develop skills and enhance others. This approach was first developed way back in the early 20th century by Dr. Maria Montessori. The main differences between this approach and traditional approaches are:

  • Child orientated class environment (not the teachers).
  • Freedom for the child to work on activities and projects of their choice.
  • Classes contain different ages to encourage team work
  • Freedom to move around the class
  • Encouragement to engage with other students
  • Helping children find and correct their own mistakes

In class the main focus areas of learning are maths, reading, spelling, social studies, science and their homework. All materials under the Montessori School Program Salt Lake City have been designed to follow this learning approach. There are even low shelves in classrooms to provide children easy access to materials. The preschool offers a variety of different classes to suit all types of schedules including private tutoring, before and after school care and day classes.


A good preschool can often prove to be very expensive and hard to find. However, at the Montessori School Salt Lake City there are a wide range of classes to suit both your life and you children. Normal classes run Monday through Friday beginning at 8:30am and finishing at 3:30pm. Programs are for four or five days a week. Children can be enrolled in these classes on either a full day or half day basis. Should that not work for you, Montessori Utah also offers extra child care hours. Out of normal hours child care start as early as 7am and finish as late as 6pm. Whether you start early or finish late your children will have somebody here to look after them.


For those that feel their children could benefit from some extra one on one education sessions the Montessori School Program Salt Lake City can provide that too. Initially, children are required to take an evaluation session which is designed to assess their current education level. These sessions are designed to help children with math, science, reading/language arts, social studies and affirming self-esteem and important values. However, classes will be designed specifically for the child and with a primary focus on whatever will benefit them the most. In this way every child is given exactly what they need. Private tutoring hours can be arranged for a low cost and is paid on an hourly basis.

Enrolling your child in the Montessori School Program Salt Lake City you are taking action to ensure the best start to your child’s future success. Please visit us or call us by phone at (801) 467 7412.