Why Montessori

Montessori Education

  • Emphasis on cognitive and social development.
  • Teacher has unobtrusive role in the class.
  • Environment and method encourage self discipline.
  • Mixed age grouping encourages children to teach and help each other.
  • Children choose own work and discover concepts from self-teaching material.
  • Child works as long as he feels the need on a chosen project.
  • Child spots own errors from feedback of material which reinforces learning by feeling.
  • Multi- sensory materials for physical development
  • Organized program for learning care of ones self and environment.
  • Child can work where he chooses, move around and talk at will.

Traditional Education

  • Emphasis on social development.
  • Teacher is the center of the class.
  • Teacher acts as primary enforcer of discipline.
  • Same age grouping and most of the teaching is done by the teacher.
  • Curriculum structured for child and child is guided to concepts by teacher.
  • Generally child is allotted specific time to work on a chosen project.
  • Error is usually pointed by teacher. Reinforcement of learning is by repetition of work and rewards of success.
  • Fewer materials for sensory exploration.
  • Less emphasis on self- care instructions.
  • Child usually assigned a chair.
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