Montessori Program

Montessori School Program Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Montessori ProgramMontessori is an individualized approach to education that helps each child reach their full potential in all areas of life. It is a student-centered approach that encourages creativity and curiosity and leads children to ask questions, explore, investigate and think for themselves as they acquire skills.

Our Montessori classroom is a child’s world, tiered to the size, pace and interests of boys and girls between the ages of 2 ½ and eight. It is designed to put the child at ease by giving them freedom in an environment prepared with attractive materials arranged on low shelves, within easy reach of even the smallest child.

Montessori School Program Activities

Our Montessori Sessions are conducted in a prepared environment, and consist of the following activities:

  • Sensorial activities – enhances and enlarges the child’s sense of perceptions of the world.
  • Practical life activities – child develops personal and social skills used in daily living.
  • Reading and writing – child learns correct letter enunciation and letter formation.
  • Mathematics – introduction to counting and arithmetic.
  • Geography – child learns about the world’s different regions through geo-molds and puzzles.
  • Science – interesting and fun activities that are “hands on” and “teacher and child friendly.”

Montessori Programs involve Salt Lake Child Care in their top priority.

“I have studied the child, I have taken what the child has given me, and expressed it, and that is what is called the Montessori Method.”
— Maria Montessori

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